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Author Interview: Rebecca Mahoney (The Memory Eater)

May 22, 2023 Leah Stuhler Season 3 Episode 15
YA Book Chat
Author Interview: Rebecca Mahoney (The Memory Eater)
Show Notes

Today I am thrilled to be chatting with author Rebecca Mahoney about her new book, The Memory Eater.

Take a listen as Rebecca and I chat all about The Memory Eater, Rebecca's first book, The Valley and the Flood, Rebecca's writing process (find out if she's a plotter or a pantser), Japanese ghost stories, horror movies, and so much more!

Entire episode is spoiler free!

A little about The Memory Eater:
For generations, a monster called the Memory Eater has lived in the caves of Whistler Beach, Maine, surviving off the unhappy memories of those who want to forget. And for generations, the Harlows have been in charge of keeping her locked up—and keeping her fed.

After her grandmother dies, seventeen-year-old Alana Harlow inherits the family business. But there’s something Alana doesn’t know: the strange gaps in her memory aren’t from an accident. Her memories have been taken—eaten. And with them, she’s lost the knowledge of how to keep the monster contained.

Now the Memory Eater is loose. Alana’s mistake could cost Whistler Beach everything—unless she can figure out how to retrieve her memories and recapture the monster. But as Alana delves deeper into her family’s magic and the history of her town, she discovers a shocking secret at the center of the Harlow family business and learns that tampering with memories always comes at a price.

A special thank you to Rebecca for coming on the podcast today!
Thank you also to Layne Mandros at Books Forward for setting up the interview!

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