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Author Interview: Julie Wright (Swimming in a Sea of Stars)

July 24, 2023 Season 3 Episode 18
YA Book Chat
Author Interview: Julie Wright (Swimming in a Sea of Stars)
Show Notes

Today I am chatting with author Julie Wright about her brand new book, Swimming in a Sea of Stars.

In this episode, Julie and I chat about her writing style, what it's like writing romance novels vs. a contemporary novel, why focusing on teen mental health is important, how one small act of kindness can change someone's life, and the hope that lies within us all.

Entire episode is spoiler free!

Join us!

A little about Swimming in a Sea of Stars:

Addison is no stranger to feeling stressed, insecure, and sad. Her therapist recommended she keep a journal to help her understand those feelings better, which she really needs today. It’s her first day back to school, several weeks after she survived her suicide attempt. She knows there are rumors about why she did it: A lousy home life? Bullying? Heartbreak? None of them are true, but it doesn’t matter because Addison still feels like she’s drowning. She still holds secrets she’s not ready to share.

During the school day, Addison encounters four other students struggling with their own secrets:

Booker is anxious about seeing Addison. They were sort of a couple until he tried to kiss her. She fled and then tried to end her life. Those two things couldn’t be related, could they?

Celia feels trapped by her mother’s abusive boyfriend. She can guess why Addison did what she did.

Damion is TikTok-famous and thinks befriending Addison could boost his followers. But what no one knows is he needs the world to remember him since his sick mom doesn’t anymore.

Avery is considered a loner and doesn’t know Addison, but they have neighboring lockers. With Avery’s older brother in jail for dealing drugs, Avery is desperate for meaningful human connection.

Swimming in a Sea of Stars is a poignant and gripping novel about how we’re all interconnected, like the stars in the night sky that form constellations and map out the universe, and if even one star goes missing, the effect is profound.

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Thank you so much to Julie Wright for coming on the podcast today and chatting with  me! And thank you to Kenny Vesey at Thatcher & Co. for setting up the interview!

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