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The Cursebound Thief

September 25, 2023 Season 3 Episode 22
YA Book Chat
The Cursebound Thief
Show Notes

Today I am chatting with my friend, and Patreon member, Sarah about the young adult contemporary fantasy The Cursebound Thief, by Megan O'Russell. This is the first book in the Fracture Pact series.

The Cursebound Thief is a thrill ride from start to finish. With dynamic characters, a fantastic magic system, a heist to restore magic, and more, this book has something for everyone! Join Sarah and me as we chat all about it.

The first 15 minutes are spoiler-free!

A little about The Cursebound Thief:

The world wants a hero. The curse needs a thief.

 The party of the decade stands between Jerek Holden and saving the people he would do anything to protect. After twelve years, he’s finally found a way to break the curse that ripped all magic from the world and destroyed the peace that took generations to build. All he needs is one, simple artifact. But he can’t steal the heliostone alone.

 A girl with a soul of fire.
A vampire bound by a vow.
A werewolf bent on revenge.
A knight torn between honor and duty.
A hacker to keep them all alive.

 The fate of magic lies in their hands―if they can survive long enough to pull off the heist of the century.

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