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Author Interview: Kayvion Lewis (Thieves' Gambit)

October 16, 2023 Leah Stuhler Season 4 Episode 2
YA Book Chat
Author Interview: Kayvion Lewis (Thieves' Gambit)
Show Notes

Today I am interviewing YA author Kayvion Lewis about her brand new book Thieves' Gambit!

Join Kayvion and me as we chat all about this heart-pounding, high-octane, thrill ride! You'll hear us talk about Kayvion's writing process, the fantastic characters, what you need to Google in order to write a book about a heist, gorgeous, thieving British men, and so much more!

The entire episode is spoiler-free!

A little about Thieves' Gambit:
At only seventeen years old, Ross Quest is already a master thief, especially adept at escape plans. Until her plan to run away from her legendary family of thieves takes an unexpected turn, leaving her mother’s life hanging in the balance.

In a desperate bid, she enters the Thieves’ Gambit, a series of dangerous, international heists where killing the competition isn’t exactly off limits, but the grand prize is a wish for anything in the world—a wish that could save her mom. When she learns two of her competitors include her childhood nemesis and a handsome, smooth-talking guy who might also want to steal her heart, winning the Gambit becomes trickier than she imagined.

Ross tries her best to stick to the family creed: trust no one whose last name isn’t Quest. But with the stakes this high, Ross will have to decide who to con and who to trust before time runs out. After all, only one of them can win.

A special thank you to Kayvion Lewis for being a guest on the podcast today! And a special thank you to Olivia Russo and Lizzie Gooddell at Penguin Young Readers/Penguin Random House for setting up the interview.

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