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June 28, 2021 Leah Stuhler Season 2 Episode 20
YA Book Chat
Show Notes

Join my friend Lily and me as we dive into the book Poisoned by Jennifer Donnelly!

Poisoned is a creative retelling of the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Sophie is a loving, kind hearted girl who is continually told her kindness makes her weak, and that she could never be a good queen. Her (evil) step mother never lets Sophie forget this fact, and tells Sophie she must marry a prince who can rule for her.

But Sophie isn't so sure...after all, it's the kindness of seven strangers that saves Sophie's life after the Huntsman takes her heart.

Sophie soon discovers that her step mother may not be the only one who wants her dead, and that there is an even more dangerous foe lurking in the Dark Wood. A foe she must defeat if she wants to take her throne back and become queen.

Poisoned is not only a wonderful retelling of Snow White, it is also full of encouragement that we all need to hear. Jennifer Donnelly weaves truths into her story that we all need to hear; truths about how we let peoples poisoned words devour our hearts and cause us to live in fear. But we shouldn't do that...kindness and love are strengths, and can overcome all fear.

***Note: There was a thunderstorm that occurred during the recording of this episode, so please excuse the thunder in the background at a few points.*** 

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