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Author Interview: Chandra Prasad (Mercury Boys)

September 06, 2021 Leah Stuhler Season 2 Episode 24
YA Book Chat
Author Interview: Chandra Prasad (Mercury Boys)
Show Notes

Today I am chatting with critically acclaimed author Chandra Prasad about her new book, Mercury Boys.

Mercury Boys is a story like none other! It takes us on a remarkable journey through time, and explores the ups and downs of adolescent relationships. This book takes the meaning of the words "mean girls" to a whole new level!

Join Chandra and I as we chat about the plot, Chandra's writing style, history and time travel, and more!

This episode is 100% spoiler free!

A little about Mercury Boys:

When high schooler Saskia Brown plays around with a vial of liquid mercury, then touches a tattered old daguerreotype, she makes a startling discovery. She is somehow able to visit the man in the daguerreotype: Robert Cornelius, a brilliant young inventor from the nineteenth century. The hitch: she can see him only in her dreams.

Saskia soon shares her revelation with some female classmates. Under Saskia’s guidance, the other girls try the experiment for themselves. They steal portraits of young men from a local college’s daguerreotype collection. Then, each of the girls tries to make contact with her own personal “Mercury Boy,” from an injured Union soldier in the Civil War to a charming pickpocket in New York City.

At night, the girls visit their “forever boyfriends” in their dreams. During the day, they hold clandestine meetings of their new secret society: the Mercury Boys Club. At first, the club is a thrilling diversion from the girls’ troubled everyday lives. But all good things must come to an end, and it’s not long before jealousy, violence, and lies threaten everything the girls hold dear.

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